We have a few "notes" for your wedding and DJ experience!

After the Proposal

It’s time to plan the plan! Even before you use our amazing online planner in a client portal of your very own, download our fillable PDF guide! We know it’s an evolving event, and this free planner will keep you organized – that’s a promise!

After the Vows

The Good DJ has an incredible Planner Portal with the timeline laid out for your perfect flow! Create the ultimate party experience for your guests. Let them dance all night long to the music that they love!

Seven Valuable Tips for Hiring the Best DJ

Though you may be desperate to economize, do not give in to that temptation to let uncle Walter bring in his sound system and throw on his “Wedding Playlist” or hire your neighbor’s fifteen-year-old daughter. I’ve prepare seven very valuable tips to help you find the right DJ. Number 7 is a biggie!

Choose Your Music

Thousands of Songs - We Have Them All! Use our incredible Music Database for free, and make online requests for your event. You can search by keyword or browse our entire catalog, using optional features [...]

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